Update: We've filled our space with two awesome new members! We're always looking for new friends, allies and people to grow with, so get in touch if you're interested.

The Red Clover Collective is an intentional community committed to cooperative living and collective ownership in urban spaces. We’re working towards a world where sustainable living, social justice, and artistic creation are central values.

We’re a non-smoking and mostly vegetarian community located in Better Waverly. We’re looking for collective members who are respectful of diversity and are queer friendly.

We have a large private space available October 1st. Approximately $500 per month covers rent, house projects, and wireless internet. Utilities and weekly food payments are extra.

We have a three-part membership process and are looking for at least a two year commitment. We’re also looking for friends and allies in our mission to create sustainable urban communities.

E-mail us at redclovercollective@gmail.com or call (410) 467-8614 and tell us a bit about yourself.

We are seeking help from a lawyer and an accountant to incorporate the collective. We'd like to transform the houses into a legal entity, one that will persist beyond our tenancies. We may be interested in setting up a community or arts non-profit in the future with any excess income. We have some ability to pay.

Please e-mail us at redclovercollective@gmail.com if you or someone you know is interested in helping us incorporate our collective.

We are applying permaculture principles to our property to create a healthy green space that requires minimal maintenance. We will establish a sustainable legal structure to foster the growth of our community and others like it. We will also reach out to our community by sharing our gardening knowledge.We hope to:

 · Build health and fertility in the soil
 · Reduce waste, energy, and consumption of the collective
 · Supplement the diet of the collective through our garden
 · Decrease the energy footprint of our building
 · Form a legal structure for collective living in the city
 · Become a center of activism around social justice, community living, and urban permaculture

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