Red Clover Collective is looking for a summer intern

The Red Clover Collective is devoted to cooperative living and collective ownership in urban space.  We’re working towards a world where sustainable living, social justice, and artistic creation are central values.  We base our collective around the principles of consensus.

One way of working toward our goals of sustainable living, social justice, and artistic creation is through education and sharing. So this summer, we are looking for an intern to share our experience of living in collective together.

We hope to find someone who would love to work in the garden, and is available to do work around the house in exchange for a reduced rent, which will be $200 plus your share of the utilities.  The internship will be from May to September 2010.

E-mail us at to let us know you're interested and tell us a bit about yourself.

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The Red Clover Collective is an urban intentional community in the Better Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. We formed in 2004 and are six members strong. We have space for one member opening in June 2009 and are always looking for future members and friends of the collective. We are radical but not righteous.