Urban permaculture plan

We are applying permaculture principles to our property to create a healthy green space that requires minimal maintenance. We will establish a sustainable legal structure to foster the growth of our community and others like it. We will also reach out to our community by sharing our gardening knowledge.We hope to:

 · Build health and fertility in the soil
 · Reduce waste, energy, and consumption of the collective
 · Supplement the diet of the collective through our garden
 · Decrease the energy footprint of our building
 · Form a legal structure for collective living in the city
 · Become a center of activism around social justice, community living, and urban permaculture

Time frame

Projects are divided into three stages. We start with small, inexpensive projects to be completed in 1-2 years. The second stage encompasses larger projects that require more effort and money over 5 years. The third stage includes projects currently out of our scope because of money and time constraints.

Labor & budget

All incoming rent goes towards paying the mortgage and building an emergency fund. We also are repaying loans provided by collective members towards the down payment of the house. At this time, individual members fund any projects unnecessary to us functioning as a group. RCC members have adopted leadership for different categories of work. Each lead takes primary responsibility in planning and research, but all decisions are made by consensus. Time investment is dependent on schedules and time of year, and should be coordinated by the individual. Labor is unpaid, and all expenses using RCC money must be approved for by the collective.

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The Red Clover Collective is an urban intentional community in the Better Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. We formed in 2004 and are six members strong. We have space for one member opening in June 2009 and are always looking for future members and friends of the collective. We are radical but not righteous.