It is important for everyone to give honest feedback and maintain clear communication throughout the application process. All decisions throughout the membership process shall be decided by consensus. Our emphasis on membership is to create a diverse membership in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, income, career, personality, etc.


We ask that people interested in possible membership start by filling out a simple application form. We ask for some personal information – if you’re not quite ready to answer a question, please give us some idea why. Your application will not be shared with anyone outside of the house.

Current members will meet and discuss the potential applicant, and if we’re interested, we’ll schedule a dinner date with the interested person. During this dinner meeting, we’ll discuss why you are interested in joining our community, what you hope the community will offer you, what you expect to contribute to us. We’ll also discuss any experiences you’ve had living with groups, your financial/job situation, your interests, your personal relationships that may impact the house, your greater interests in working and living in an urban community (and any involvements you currently have), your health/diet concerns, other information about yourself and your skills. We will also explain who we are, what we do, and house values and policies.

If we find problems in the application, or currently have no space and cannot accommodate the person, then we will contact you to let you know.

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Pets will be considered in a fair manner by the current members and be decided upon by consensus (for both current and prospective members). The pet(s) of each member are their sole responsibility (financially and care of). If a member plans to be away for some time, it is the responsibility of that member to plan with the house ahead of time to coordinate care of the animal while she/he is gone.

At this time, there are two cats living within the collective, but they are in their own separate space in a member's apartment, not in the main house.