we're working on updating some of the ways we communicate, and working to come up with ways to stay more current and hip.

we are working out whether to use WordPress or Tumblr for a blog starting some time this late summer early fall, 2013!
soon you will see blog posts from members, pictures of our garden, and whatever else we feel like sharing!

you can also like us on the facebooks.

We envision a world where space and resources are shared equally, and individuals come together with respect for people in all walks of life. We are building a large, welcoming, open space in which we can create a cooperative, affordable, and ecological community in the city. Together we will strive against the notion that land and resources can be owned by individuals or monopolized by a few.

We share meals, labor, and household expenses, and cultivate strong, healthy friendships. By sharing resources, we attempt to minimize consumption, and we aim to green urban spaces. We meet face to face, open and respectful to each otherís life choices. All important decisions are made by consensus.

We support and encourage creativity and political activism, and open our doors to all committed to social justice. We hope to connect on a personal, local, and global level to a sustainable and just existence on this earth.